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Welcome to Avacata ...

Software makers claim their products will solve all your needs. But one size never fits all. Unless you still believe in fairy godmothers and magicwands, you know some effort will be required to make software work for you.

At Avacata, we specialize in application development so that technology can work for you enabling your company to achieve its objectives.

Avacata is concerned about the real-world implications of technology and how it impacts a business. Concerns such as scalability, performance, and disaster recovery are issues that Avacata addresses every day.

  With years of experience in the fundamental technologies of mobile and Web plaftorms -- C, Java, C#, Silverlight, XNA, HTML5, Web Services -- Avacata has the expertise to properly architect and build your technology solution.

Avacata takes pride in the work it does, whether large or small. We are in business to help businesses succeed by providing better products, better services, and better experiences for their customers.

We gauge our success in how we help businesses grow.
It's what sets us apart.

"The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph." -- Thomas Paine